Supporting Families

Supporting Families

Supporting Families Through Counseling & Therapy

Supporting your kids

These are unprecedented times to be raising children for most of us.  Children and adolescents in Gen Z have increased mental health concerns, especially related to anxiety and depression.  The level of school disruption (hybrid schooling, remote learning, etc.) has likely impacted your child’s social-emotional learning opportunities and the typical development of their unique identities.  Additionally, sheltering in place has led children to have much more contact with siblings and parents which has disrupted established home norms and discipline.  If your child or adolescent is demonstrating these behaviors, counseling could be useful:

  • increased difficulty sleeping
  • increased statements about limited hope in the future
  • increased family fighting
  • loss of interest in school work

I have years of experience working in school settings, with parents to develop stronger management strategies and with families around the challenges that kids face as they navigate the world.  I can help you identify what your child needs and how the family can best support them in these times.

Supporting your partnership, relationship or marriage

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended the unspoken and agreed-upon relationship/marital norms.  For many of us, couples who spent all day at work are now spending most of their time working from home.  For many families, couples who are not privileged to work from home are coping with the stress of the added risk of contracting COVID-19.  Many of us are also struggling with our family income being negatively impacted due to the pandemic.  The stress of COVID-19 has often exposed marital challenges that previously were just under the surface.  

If this sounds like you, you and your partner would benefit from participating in counseling.  In our sessions, we would work on these issues, how to unlock communication challenges and create concrete strategies so that you and your partner can be in your relationship from a place of strength.