What is Whole Child / Whole Adult

What is Whole Child / Whole Adult

What does it mean to be Whole Child / Whole Adult?

I believe that we are at our best when we are fully whole and we feel we are living from a place of strength.  This is why I chose the name Whole Child Whole Adult.  What does it mean to be a whole child and/or a whole adult?

Mentally Healthy

  • I am able to be resilient in the face of challenges that can make me feel anxious, stressed, or depressed
  • I have the skills to be able to reflect on my challenges and work with them, without blame or shame

Spiritually healthy

  • I feel connected to a larger purpose in life, whether religious, the natural world, working towards racial justice, or through deeper connections across the family.

Physically healthy

  • I am able to do activities, like meditation, stress management, etc that help my body feel more centered during times of stress


  • I have a network of supportive individuals that provide me feedback and give me support and love.
  • I can be my WHOLE self with my family and friends and still be treated with empathy and love 

Intersectionality and identity

  • All the unique aspects of myself (age, race, LGBTQ+, ability, class, etc.) I view through a lens of price, acceptance and with confidence

I believe so strongly in the importance of us finding balance across these areas and have brought that passion to school districts to help them implement whole child initiatives as part of their strategic implementation plans.  I look forward to being able to work with you in counseling so you can also feel like the whole person you are striving for.